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Rest For Only 8 Hours

A Little About It

The rest button on the main game screen does not give you the option to rest or rest until healed. To rest for only eight hours the player has to enter the map, journal, inventory, mage spells, priest spells, or options menu screens to be given the option to rest or rest until healed.

I knew I could rest from the other screens, but did not know they would give me a choice on how to rest. Instead I created this mod as an alternative. Now, from the comfort of the main game screen, you can rest for just 8 hours, rather than days, so you can memorize a few used spells.

This mod has been redesigned to work with all versions of IWD, that includes the expansions Heart of Winter and Trials of the Luremaster.

You can do more with this mod than just rest for 8 hours, however that is the main purpose of this mod.

Your new capabilites are:

Hot Key S -- Using RestParty() you can rest for 8 hours, renew spells, and have the chance to be interrupted by various enemies just like the standard button would provide. There is one caveat: You can now rest in any area at any time so long as there are no enemies present.

Hot Key D -- Utilize any of the following healing spells:

  • PALADIN_LAY_ON_HANDS (spell.ids is modified to include this one)
These spells will be cast without regard for the hp level of the injured party. So the Cleric Heal spell could be cast on a party member that has lost only 1 hp. You could use this hot key at any time, but it's intent is to be used just prior to rest to insure that all party members are as healed as possible by spells that will get renewed.

Other Things:

Party AI needs to be on for it to work. The script code is applied to dplayer3.bcs which is the default script for the party.

There are some funny/stupid text that floats above the heads of various party members during the healing and rest sequences. There is something different for each spell. It was intended as an aid to debugging, but I decided to leave it in place to  help break up the monotony of a silent party. If you can think of better text that is more appropriate to the land of Icewind Dale, please feel free to share it.

You can get the mod here: ab_RestOnly8.rar

It is in RAR format. Simply extract the contents to your IWD game directory and run the file called setup-ab_restonly8.exe. To remove re-run setup-ab_restonly8.exe and choose uninstall.