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Baldur's Gate Fixpack

Download and extract the following into your Baldur's Gate game directory.

  • To install run the file Setup-BGFixPack.exe
  • To uninstall re-run the file Setup-BGFixPack.exe

Download link:

Hot Fix:

  • Issues with the patch for Jondalar in Candlekeep causing others to turn hostile during his training session with the PC.  Download and extract this file to your game directory then install or re-install the BGFixPack.  It will correct the patch code to what it should have been. BGFixPack_JondalarHotFix.7z


  • v0.0015 is now available. It's also labeled as Beta 1. We think we've got enough covered to warrant an Official Beta release, so be looking for that at G3. Course usual disclaimers about double & triple checking apply.
  • This version is built from the v0.0014a. Still it is best to uninstall before installing this update.
  • for the adventurous, the source code is available at git hub.

Feed Back

Q: Where can I ask questions if I have a problem or I find something else that needs to be fixed?

A: Currently there are two locations where you can communicate with me regarding the BG_FixPack.

  •  If you have access to the BG_FixPack workroom at Gibberlings3, you may make a post there either in a new thread or in an existing thread that covers the topic in question. BG_FixPack Workroom at G3
  • The general public may post their questions and/or problems in the thread that started it all... The humble beginnings...

Changes History

Version: Beta 1 -- Internal Release v0.0015

  • Guard spawns from opening trapped containers & from stealing from merchants have been adjusted to the outside door or top of the stairs.
  • Shout script & guard calling trap scripts overhauled
  • Additional store fixes
  • Readme file converted to html format
  • Removed the Oublek Exploit Tweak and sent it to Unfinished Business. Just the patch to prevent double reward remains.

Version: Public Pre-Release v0.0014a

  • Redesigned mod installation process
  • Gave user the ability to modify a controller file which determines which patches actually get installed. See ModuleController.txt and ModuleController.tpa
  • Revisited the Bandit Scalp issues and developed a true solution which should allow all parties to be happy about the pickpocket exploit fix

Version: Public Pre-Release v0.0013

  • Added a selection of patches by DevSin for Mac ToTSC games
  • Tweaked a few checks for certain components

Version: Public Pre-Release v0.0012

  • Added Game Text update files
  • Added a rare fix to some ToTSC installations on Windows XP

Version: Public Pre-Release v0.0011

  • Added Oublek Exploit Patch -- see description at bottom of Patch Descriptions Section
  • Added Area Container Highlights Patch -- see description at bottom of Patch Descriptions Section

Version: Public Pre-Release v0.0010

  • Initial Posting on this website