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Offhand Weapon Swap - BETA 1

 This is a script mod designed to allow a dual wielding character the ability to drop their offhand melee weapon in order to use a ranged weapon.

 Download: ab_OffhandWeaponSwap.rar

Installation and Uninstallation

To Install:

  • Extract to BG2, TuTu, or BGT game folder.
  • Run setup-ab_OffhandWeaponSwap.exe

 To Uninstall:

  • Run setup-ab_OffhandWeaponSwap.exe
  • Choose 'U' to uninstall each component

How to Use

Here's the basics.

To 'memorize' the ranged weapon:

  • Equip only the ranged weapon (nothing else in the weapon slots) 
  • Go back to main game screen and press 'S' to 'memorize' the ranged weapon

To 'memorize' the offhand weapon:

  • Equip only the offhand weapon (nothing else in any of the weapon slots)
  • Go back to main game screen and press 'S' to 'memorize' the offhand weapon

To swap between the memorized weapons press 'F'

To 'memorize' a new weapon:

  • Drop the old weapon to the ground (or give it to another party member)
  • Equip only the new weapon
  • Go back to main game screen and press 'S' to 'memorize' the new weapon
  • Retrieve the old weapon if you wish

Things of Note

  • Can also be used with characters that wish to drop a shield to use a bow or crossbow.
  • Does not work with stackable thrown projectiles such as Axes, Daggers and Darts. The script can't tell how many of a given item you have in a stack. Therefore, these item types can't be moved from one slot to another.
  • Items affected by this mod have their lore value removed because identified items become unidentified when they are moved to a different location in the characters inventory.
  • Script blocks are added to the bottom of Dplayer2.bcs and Dplayer3.bcs -- party AI must be on for it to work
  • Any party member that doesn't have memorized weapons will simply equip the ranged or melee weapons that you have placed in their weapon slots.
  • This is just information and not caused by this mod: Stackable thrown projectiles do not get equipped by the EquipRanged() action when a shield is in the offhand.  You'll need to select those ranged weapons manually.
  • Any party AI that uses hot keys will most likely take precedence if they use the same hot keys. If you wish to change the hot key assignments for this mod, you may.  Open setup-ab_OffhandWeaponSwap.tp2. Search for and change Hotkey(F) and HotKey(S) to the letter values that you would prefer to use. Save the file and then install.
  • Memorized items must remain in the character's inventory (or in a bag of holding in the character's inventory) otherwise they will be forgotten.
  • Do not equip any items other than the one (ranged or melee) that you wish to use when memorizing. Why? It is possible to memorize multiple items, but only one can be equipped at a time.
  • Memorized items in a bag of holding will not get moved out of the bag, but a new copy will still be created in the 'new' location.  So be sure to not put a memorized item into a bag of holding unless you plan on passing that bag on to someone else and reassigning a new weapon or shield.
  • Weapon Slot #0 (or #35 in the slots.ids file) is utilized for the equipping of the ranged weapon. Don't put any weapons in that slot or you will lose them when you swap into ranged mode. Weapon slot #0 is the left most weapon slot and is available to all classes.