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After a long long break, I've come back to the modding scene.
Only one goal for now: Finish the BG & ToTSC Fixpack!
Public Pre-release v0.0014 is in the works...

    There is no definite time frame at this time. It has been about 2 years since I last seriously looked at the fix pack. It will take some time to organize and understand what I was doing and/or not doing.

    Also if you were a member of the small forum I had on the site, you will notice that it has been removed. I removed it because it wasn't getting very much traffic and to be honest I didn't really want to deal with maintaining a forum as well as trying to code up and test the fix pack.

Site News

12-16-2011: v0.0014a of the Baldur's Gate Fix Pack was uploaded

10-11-2011: I'm back!

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