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Baldur's Gate Series Mods

This page lists the mods that I have made available to the public for Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II any expansion requirements will be noted as needed.

  • BG Fix Pack a collection of fixes for Baldur's Gate with or without Tales of the Sword Coast
  • Interactive Tweaks small collection of tweaks which could be used on BG & BG2. User is asked at install time to make choices about how they want the tweaks to take effect in their game. (download file only)
  • Offhand Weapon Swap a mod for BG2, BGT & TuTu allows for memorization and the automatic offhand switching for dual wielders and shield users when switching between ranged and melee weapons.
  • Party AI Script for BG2 engine games a dynamically installed user defined script for party members. (download file only)